Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my final DVD?

Much of this depends on how busy I am with weddings. I’m trying to limit the amount of weddings I have per month, so I will be more consistent in delivering the final DVD, sometimes sooner but typically this takes about two to six weeks.

Will the DVD be able to play in my DVD player?

DVD-R compatibility is a problem for everyone. For the first five years that recordable CDs were out, they wouldn't play on all CD players. Luckily that has changed. Recordable DVD has only been a standard for the past three years, and the firmware to play them has only begun appearing on all DVD players within that time. Any DVD player produced before that are capable of having varying results with DVD-R, including skipping, artifacts, freezes and pixelization, even a brand new DVD. Having Sony is not a guarantee that it will work, unfortunately. If you have the brand and model number of the DVD players that are having problems you can check on their compatibility here:

Simply type in the brand name and model number and you'll be presented with it's compatibility with every available format and also what media (blank DVD brands) have played correctly or not correctly for all those that have reported results. It's a great resource. The format your disc is recorded in is called DVD-R. Let me know what the site says about the players you're checking on. Or if you'd like to send me the DVD players' brand and model numbers I'd be glad to check them for you. There are options I can try if the site says that the DVD players should work 100% of the time. Otherwise I can recommend some $30-$40 DVD players that play DVD-R perfectly.

I will have your video archived and can make another DVD anytime. Also, you may check and see if they work in another DVD player.

Am I able to choose my own music for my Highlights?

Yes, it’s your video. If I don’t have the music, you may need to provide me with it. Since I edit your highlights to the music, the sooner you are able to get the music to me the sooner I will be able to begin editing your "Highlight" video.


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